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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Primary Rhinoplasty

Nose Surgery | Rhinoplasty | Manhattan | New York CityPrimary rhinoplasty (nose surgery) refers to procedures on noses that have not had any prior surgeries or trauma. This procedure typically aims to resize, reshape or reposition the tip, profile or nostrils. Common problems corrected by a primary rhinoplasty include removing small humps, reshaping a bulbous tip, changing the angle between the nose and mouth and changing the shape of the nostrils. A primary rhinoplasty is a common procedure that can be easily performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Functional rhinoplasty is performed for health purposes to relieve a nasal obstruction. This obstruction is often caused by a deviated septum and may result in breathing problems. Through a simple corrective procedure, these problems can be relieved and a more balanced appearance can also be achieved.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Reconstructive rhinoplasty is performed to repair deformities caused by injury, birth defects or aging. It can also be used to remove external skin tumors or internal nasal tumors. These procedures require extra precision and should only be performed by an experienced surgeon. Aesthetic reshaping is an additional benefit of reconstructive rhinoplasty.

Tip Rhinoplasty

The nasal tip, as the point furthest from the plane of the face, is considered a major factor in the appearance of the nose. Tip rhinoplasty can modify the tip and give the nose more definition by adding or removing cartilage.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgery is no longer tailored to only meet Caucasian standards. African American, Asian American and Hispanic patients can now undergo procedures to change the appearance of their nose while maintaining their ethnic identity. Your doctor can work with you to help you reach the look you desire.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Many people who undergo rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, are unhappy with their results and seek additional treatment to achieve the results they desire. Unsatisfactory results may occur because of a complicated condition, poor communication between patient and surgeon or because of the patient’s natural healing abilities.

In most cases, it is recommended to wait at least a year after the initial procedure before undergoing revision rhinoplasty, as full healing should be complete in order to achieve a successful revision procedure. This also allows patients to evaluate the full results of their rhinoplasty procedure before making the decision to undergo additional surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty is often more complex than a primary rhinoplasty, as there may be less cartilage available and a graft from the patient’s own body or a donor may be required in order to create the desired shape and proportion of the nose. Incisions for this procedure can usually be made in the nose to conceal any scarring.

It is important to choose a highly skilled and experienced surgeon to perform your revision procedure, and to ensure a clear understanding of your goals for surgery in order to achieve the most successful results.

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